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Working with Disabilities


There are a whole range of reasons why someone is described as having a disability.

We have experience of providing services to people who have:

  • A Physical Disability - due to a condition you were born with or due to an accident or illlness

  • A Learning Disability - again due to a condition you were born with or due to an accident or illness

  • Or an older person - who finds aspects of daily living harder


Our services can support people to live their life to the full, participate in their preferred activities, whilst ensuring their wellbeing and needs are met, to how the Individual wants them to be.


We will listen to and work with you to decide how we can best achieve what you want. We have experience of working with other people with disabilities and can support you to access many services, activities or employment or simply just support you around your home or with your care needs. We know our support staff and we will try to match your support staff to your interests and hobbies, so you have something in common and will enjoy doing things together.

We fully promote that each person is an Individual and view any disability secondary. We are required to provide a safe service that does require us to complete risk assessments, however we are not risk adverse.

We will work with other service providers involved in a persons life, maintaining a level of communications appropriate to the needs and wishes of the person we are supporting.

If you would like to discuss any of our services, (we have listed some which may be of assistance or interest to you) or have a more specific need and would like to discuss it with us please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01279 452105 / 0208 443 3380 or email us on



You or your loved one might need some assistance with personal care such as getting dressed, bathing, and eating. We can help you with this.


We understand that this also needs to be considered, in how we work with people, to consider how people are feeling, what annoys them or makes them angry and happy.

If someone needs support to manage behaviours that can challenge, we can also assist with this. 


We work with involved professionals to ensure our approach is appropriate and consistent, to avoid confusion, for the individual we are supporting.



Our care team can complete daily tasks round the home such as vacuuming, laundry, basic gardening and so on or help enable you to complete the tasks yourself. We can assist you with the running of your home and bills and other expenditure.  However we are not able to accept responsibility for the management of your finances.


We encourage the person we are supporting to say what they want, when they want it and who they want to do it with. We will then tailor their support to assist them to achieve their wishes and aspirations. We want you to be 100% confident.

To be sure you are using the right provider you'll need to know we can meet all your care needs since every individual case is going to be different. Here are a few pointers to help you with your decision making:

  • Try to interview several providers and then pick the one you feel is the best one. This is ideal, as it gives you a broad range of people to choose from not just the first one you interview.

  • Be sure to be as specific as you can about the tasks that you need done so we fully understand your exact needs.

  • Check out your preferred provider, to make sure people who have or are receiving their services get the standard of care the provider claims they deliver. Ask about the staff, how many they have and how many you will receive your support from. Make sure they have sufficient staffing levels. Ask to speak to other people who receive their services and access the Care Quality Commissions reports if the provider is regulated by the CQC.

  • Be sure to get answers to all your questions and be happy with them.

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