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Crisis Support


When a loved one physically or mentally starts to deteriorate or they have a health emergency or have been in hospital for a long time, we can help at this time.  We have an experienced staff team, working to re-enable people in these circumstances or if the persons condition is long term, supporting them in activities they can no longer do for themselves.  



Many people will need some type of immediate support and this can involve care at home. We can come to your home and provide care for you or your loved one. Our Managers and Caring staff understand what is needed in these situations. This can be on a short term basis or on a more longer term. We will work with you to provide the care that is needed and can help you plan for any future care needs. We can support you to access other services and equipment too. We will work with the Individual to re-enable them to build their confidence and independence.  



We are often called upon to care for people in their own homes when they:-

  • Are coming home from hospital after a serious illness or injury, for example; following a stroke.

  • When someone's condition is deteriorating and they don't want to go to hospital, they want to stay at home.

  • When someone is deteriorating and either they or their family members are frightened to be alone.

  • When the person or services that currently support someone no longer can.

  • When the care and management of someone's needs becomes too much for their family support network. 



There are various levels of care that can be provided to you. This care can include:

  • Personal Care – things such as washing, dressing, mobility, using the bathroom, grooming and meeting other personal needs, with dignity.

  • Meals – meals can be prepared for you or your loved one according to their needs

  • Chores – we can help clean around your home and do some light housekeeping, if needed

  • Errands – this can include picking up items from local shops, paying bills, and taking you or your loved one to doctor's appointments etc.

  • Companionship – this can include simple companionship, talking, or go with you out into your local community.

  • Assistance in Administering Medication – this can include the dispensing of medications, arranging and collecting prescriptions.

  • Liaison – with other services.

  • Supporting the person to maintain their typical daily routine.

  • Recreational Activities - finding things of interest to occupy the person at home and in the community.

The care we provide will be based upon your individual needs. Care can vary from person to person, we will plan with you, when you want our services, what you want from them and advise on other services we feel you would benefit from.


We understand that caring for a loved one with healthcare needs can be a big task. Our experts are here to help you in a time of crisis and on going. We can support you to access the different services and have contacts in these, to make accessing services less daunting.


We are here for you and your family. Please contact us if you have any questions about our services. Our aim is to support the Individual through the crisis, to assist them to regain their self confidence, abilities and independence, supporting them with dignity, in areas where they require assistance.


Our services may only be required on a short term basis. However, if longer term care is required, we can discuss this and plan for this, with you and make the necessary arrangements to deliver it. 

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