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1. Do you provide male and female Care/Support Workers?

Yes we do have both male and female Care/Support Workers. You are entitled to state if you want a Care/Support Worker who is of the same sex as you.

2. Will I have regular Care/Support Workers?

We will do our utmost to provide you with regular Care/Support Workers, although please respect that regular Care/Support Workers do need days off each week and holidays. They may be off sick at times, or need to attend training. In all cases we will provide you with a relief carer.


3. How can I contact you if I have a problem?


By contacting the office during office hours.


Ask to speak with the Team Leader allocated to your service or the Registered Care Manager.


If it is out of office hours, contact the Officer on call, who will assist you or signpost you to other services that can help you.


4. Will the Care/Support Workers be familiar with my disability?


All staff receive training in accordance with the company training plan, which covers our care principles, required mandatory training and supporting people with many disabilities and illness. However, if your needs are individual, we will tailor training to your support staff, specific to your needs.


5. Am I being a nuisance?


No. We want to hear your concerns, worries and complaints, in order that we can put right anything we are doing wrong. We will learn from our mistakes. We also like to hear when we have done something well.


6. Can you tell me what I am going to be charged, as I am not sure I can afford the full package?


If you are purchasing your service directly with us, we can advise you of the full cost. However, if your service is commissioned through your Local Authority, we are unaware of their charges, which are set following a financial assessment, they will complete with you.  Therefore, we are unable to advise you. We suggest you discuss this further with the Local Authority.


7. Can I accompany the Care/Support Worker who does my shopping?


Yes. However, we need to make sure the activity is safe before we take you and that there is enough time allocated to the activity, so that you are not rushed.


If you want to go with the Care/Support Worker, please discuss this with the Team Leader/Manager, to facilitate the required assessment.


8. Can I have help with my cleaning, gardening or perhaps going to the chiropodist etc?


We can assist you in these tasks. However, this depends on who purchases your service and the requested outcomes of your service, within the allocated times. If you require such assistance, please discuss it with your Team Leader/Manager.


9. Can you support me in leisure activities ie. Someone to go on holiday with or someone

     to support me at work?


If your service is purchased to achieve this outcome, it can be arranged, provided appropriate assessments have been completed, to ensure the activity is safe and any risk is acceptable, to our employee and you.


10. If there is a problem with a specific Care/Support Worker, can I change and how?


Please discuss any problems you have with your Team Leader/Manager, who will attempt to address the problem. Please be advised problems must be genuine and discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.


11. Can your service be flexible?


We will do our best to meet your needs. We ask, where possible, you give us sufficient notice of your wishes, to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements to have suitable staff available and as not to infringe on others services.


12. Are staff DBS checked?


Yes.  The company has obtained a satisfactory Enhanced DBS Disclosure for every employee, prior to them delivering services to you. We have also obtained two satisfactory written references for every employee, one of which is from their previous or last employer.


13. Do my needs get reviewed and my service changed to meet these needs?


Yes. We will review your needs and service when we become aware your needs have changed or at least annually. Please inform your Team Leader/Manager of any changes, as soon as possible.

Should you have any other questions then please contact us

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