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From Child to Adult Services


Some of the people we support have had disabilities as a child. Often the services available to the child and their parents/carers are structured and supportive. The child goes to school and is occupied, progression is encouraged and the Parents/Carers receive support and respite.

When they become an adult, they become too old to receive Children's services and their life experiences, support and opportunities available to them, changes. This is true of any child entering adulthood, but many parents tell us, it can be very frightening as their support network changes and available opportunities may become restricted.

We as a support provider have and want to work with families facing this situation. We will explore with the Individual what is possible, within the funding available to them. We will encourage them to maximise their opportunity and lifestyle and offer support to their family members. We will also encourage families to prepare for a future time, when possibly they are unable to continue to be the main carer to their loved one or the young adult wants to leave home.

Our services are not prescriptive based on someone's disability, or where they live or how old they are. We offer a professional and accountable service that will explore opportunities unique to the Individuals needs, wishes and aspirations, within their preferred or available living environment.

We recognise that these teenagers often have the same needs, wishes and desires as any other teenage son or daughter with or without a disability. The support they require may be advice on:


  • Further education,

  • Learning daily living skills 

  • Finding paid employment,

  • Moving out of the family home for the first time to live as independently as they possibly can

  • Enjoying their first holiday with friends or with support, not with their parents.


Typically all Teenagers will aspire to many things that may challenge others views and opinions. No two people are the same.

Traditional ideas such as voluntary work or traditional respite within a residential home, do not always appeal to young individuals. The media advertises many other opportunities. We believe that all opportunities that are available to the public should be equally available to individuals with disabilities and will always strive to support anyone to achieve their goals and dreams.

Recently we have supported many individuals to seek less traditional forms of respite. We have supported them to arrange their own holidays, chosen by them at a venue that is within their budget. These are not group holidays specially catering for a group of disabled people who may or may not have ever met before. We meet with the Individual to find out, who they want to travel with, what are their needs and what experiences they want and what support they will require whilst away. If needed, we can then provide the required support by a chosen worker/s. These holidays have been fully personalised and have so far been enjoyed thoroughly by all.

Life is obviously not all about Holidays despite the fact that most teenagers will probably think differently. It is about learning life skills and supporting those who want to move out from the family home and seek a home of their own. We will help the person we support, to plan their lifestyle accessing support and opportunities that are available to any member of their local community. We have good knowledge of other local community support networks and can advise on how these can be accessed. We will signpost the Individual to other services, for support appropriate to their needs.

We have a passion to offer any young person with a disability, a creative solution to living their life to the full, receiving sufficient support to keep them safe, but still not being risk adverse. We do not accept that a disability as a child dictates a lifelong need for fully traditional models of support.

For more information, please contact Leanne Wrathall – 01279 452105

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