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We deliver our services with respect for an Individual's dignity and privacy and work to ensure it is tailored to meet their individual needs and independence.

We plan the service in consultation with the individual, focusing on promoting progression, where possible. It is important that the people we support don't consider the introduction of care and support as a personal loss of their skills and abilities.

Words sometimes used amongst professionals to describe this are:

Enablement – is an approach that is focused on developing the Individuals abilities to do things for themselves and become more independent. It considers the long term solution to someone's care needs as being found within skills that the Individual may have or can develop, those that their family and friends may have and opportunities available to support them, within their surrounding community.

Reablement – this focuses on regaining skills that have been lost rather than acquiring new skills, this usually follows a period of physical or mental ill health.

Progression - involves using an enablement based approach to support people to continually develop the skills they need to live a more independent lifestyle.

Please contact either of our Registered Care Managers for any further information. Their contact details can be found here.

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