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Supported Living – Link Support Worker

REPORTING TO:  Registered Care Manager - Harlow



To support people living in Supported Housing, under the direction of  The Registered Care Manager and in consultation with those living there and be responsible for the smooth running of their home. 


To lead and maintain communications across the team of staff supporting the people living there facilitating a consistent service.


To lead and maintain communications, when required with others involved with each person living in the home, in consultation with each Individual. 


To support each person living within the house to live a lifestyle of their choice, that manages any risks appropriately and facilitates their well-being and preferred activities. 


The service provided will reflect the individual needs and requirements of the Service User and develop their independence and skills and adopt their preferred lifestyles within their local community.


.To uphold the dignity of each individual receiving the service and employed by the company.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Link Support Worker will be responsible to ensure that the service/care plan remains current and relevant to achieve the individuals preferred outcomes of the service and their needs liaising with the Registered Care Manager when required.


  • The Link Support Worker will be responsible to promote the consistency of service in accordance with the needs, wishes and chosen outcomes of each person living in the home. They will be responsible to oversee the smooth running of the home, for housekeeping ensuring that all bills and correspondence associated with the home are addressed appropriately.


  • Link Support Workers will oversee the practises of other support staff working within the home and report any concerns or complaints to the Registered Care Manager.


  • The Link Support Worker will be responsible to support the Service Users to maintain appropriate relationships with the Housing Provider to ensure that both Tenant and Landlord responsibilities are maintained. 


  • Link Support Workers are responsible to each Service User they support for the efficient conduct of their duties and maintaining the utmost confidentiality about the Service User’s affairs.  Except insofar as changes in a Service User’s condition or circumstances or any factors which affect the suitability of their service plan, or their or others safety and well being.


  • Link Support Workers must work within Health and Safety regulations implementing operational policies and procedures.


  • Link Support Workers must seek to preserve and develop the Service User’s dignity, independence and motivation and to understand the stresses, frustrations and embarrassments which some Service Users suffer and the effect this may have on their acceptance of help, as well as their families.


  • Link Support Workers must listen to and act upon the Service User’s directions and requests and must not impose their own ideas or views.


  • Link Support Workers will work directly with each Service User on increasing their ability to become more independent.  This will mean getting involved in practical tasks.  Some of these tasks may require assistance and actual demonstration as to how a task is done.


Practical tasks may include, dependant upon the Service Users needs:


(a) Light Domestic Duties:  encouraging the Service User to become actively involved in cleaning their home, assisting them where necessary, to ensure it is kept at a standard that the Service User is happy with. It is important that the cleanliness of the home is maintained and reflective of the level of staffing. It is the responsibly of the Link Support Worker to monitor that all staff contribute to achieving this when on duty, referring any concerns to the Team Leader.


(b) Laundry and Ironing:  Link Support Workers will identify with each Service User what skills they already have and to work with the Service User, in accordance with their plan of care, to develop their skills to achieve a greater level of ability to independently manage their washing and ironing. The Link Support Worker will ensure where a Service User requires support to manage their washing and ironing, this is facilitated across the staff team.


(c) Preparing and Planning Meals and Shopping:  to support each Service User to budget their own monies effectively and plan their chosen menus and communicate with other staff to ensure the purchasing required ingredients and preparing meals.


(d) Managing Personal Finances:  to identify with the Service User their preferred expenditure of their personal income, establishing systems that are protective but not intrusive to the Service User and that company policy and procedures are adhered to. To support the Service Users to claim entitled benefits, seeking the support of advisory services as required.


(e) Reading and Writing:  to determine with each Service User a way of ensuring that information is accessible and understood by themselves.


  1. Support with Leisure and Recreational Activities: to determine with each Service User what social and leisure activities they may wish to           participate in, communicating with the Care Management Team, to ensure suitable and sufficient staffing is available.




At the request of the Service User, Link Support Workers will positively support the relationships of the Service User with their families, friends and partners, and where appropriate maintain communications with them.  Whilst working within the Local Authorities Multi-Agency Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, if appropriate.




To support the Service User to access local community services and maintain necessary appointments e.g. doctor, chemist, hairdressers and any other specialist service. To communicate with the Care Management team and staff working in the home, to ensure sufficient knowledgeable staffing is available, to support the Service User to attend appointments.





To assist the Service User in tasks that maintains their personal care, as preferred by them. To communicate preferences to the staff team, on a need to know basis to promote consistency. To monitor to ensure safe practise is maintained.





To assist in any health care procedures, as required by the Service User and as instructed by the Care Management Team. To liaise with any other involved professionals responsible for monitoring this care. To support the Service User in maintaining adequate supplies of medication, and oversee the storage and administration of medication, in accordance with company policy. To communicate correct practice to other Support Staff and monitor to ensure safe practise is maintained.




To attend regular formal supervision and attend annual appraisals, keeping the Care Manager/Team Leader fully informed of Service Users’ needs and the suitability of their service.





To complete all necessary records and documentation as instructed by the Care Management Team. .




In consultation with the Registered Care Manager and Deputy Manager, participate in the implementation of company policy and safeguarding legislation, informing other professionals, as appropriate, in accordance with local authority Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Mental Capacity/DOLS procedures, reviewing the status of each referral on a regular basis.




Link Support Workers will be required to attend training and refresher courses, as arranged by the Registered Care Manager, as well as any meetings which may be arranged by the organisation.  All Link Support Workers will be expected to hold or working towards a L2 Diploma in Social Care.





  • It is necessary for the service to fit in with the Service User’s needs (not the other way around). It is important that Link Support Workers have knowledge and experience of working at different hours in the home, in order to be able to support each individual and other staff, in all aspects of their support. Subsequently they will be expected to work at any time of day, including early mornings and evenings, and on any day of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, including sleep in duties.  This will be on a rota basis, which will be drawn up in advance. Rotas will be confirmed on a weekly basis. 


  • It is envisaged that the Link Worker will work the majority of their contracted hours within the one Supported Living project. However, it has to be acknowledged, at times and at the discretion of the Registered Care Manager, and respecting priority of needs, at times the Link Worker will be expected to work willingly, to provide services to other people receiving our services.


  • This list of duties is not exhaustive and may be added to, dependant upon the needs, wishes and preferences of the people receiving support, legislation and the company.

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