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The Registered Care Manager.

Deputy Care Manager and 

Managing Director

November 2017





● To assist the Registered Care Manager and Deputy Manager in the running of the branch and take responsibility for the day to day running of the service in their absence.


● To manage the provision of Care and Support Services to people in need, living within their own home and be flexible in one’s own availability, to support packages of care, that require assessment and intervention due to the package of care being new or for those with complex needs or those who need additional support to avert crisis situations.


● In consultation with the Registered Manager and Deputy Manager co-ordinate a high standard of care and support that is planned to meet the individuals needs within purchased times, to include their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs.  This care is to be reviewed regularly and changes made, as identified as appropriate, in consultation with the Service User.


● To conduct the business in a honest and reputable manner, with commitment to the implementation of equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practise.


● To provide sufficient support, identify and report any training needs for each staff member, encouraging their own professional development.


● To promote and monitor safe standards of work practice by employees in all working environments.


● To promote the development of services in respect of government initiatives to introduce Self Directed Support and community membership and participation. 


  • To uphold the dignity of each individual receiving the service and employed by the company.




● To participate in the planning and implementation of individual care, to meet the perceived needs of each Service User. To ensure care/support plans are devised to effectively meet the individuals outcome of the service and with their consent.


● To deliver flexible support to people using services, in accordance with their plan of care and support, ensuring the service is led by the User.


● To participate in the review of each persons service, to ensure it remains appropriate to meeting their needs. 


● To undertake Risk Assessment of employees working activities,  environment and practises, working within Health & Safety Legislation.  


● To monitor staff in the delivery of services and feedback to the Registered Manager, to ensure high standards of service are maintained within purchased resources. 


● In consultation with the Registered Manager and Deputy Manager, participate in the implementation of company policy and safeguarding legislation, informing other professionals, as appropriate, in accordance with local authority Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Mental Capacity/DOLS procedures, reviewing the status of each referral on a regular basis. 


● To co-operate and participate in authorised inspection procedures of the company. 


● To lead by example and provide hands on care/support both within a users home and their local community.








● To be familiar and implement the Operational Policies & Procedures of North London Homecare & Support Ltd. and work within these at all times.


● To assist in effective line management support and supervision of the staff team. 


● To be responsible for the appraisal of a delegated staff team. 


● To delegate tasks and responsibilities to other staff members effectively and with regard to their status and competence.


● To offer mentoring support to new staff, working to achieve The Care Certificate.


● To participate, as required, in disciplinary/grievance procedures, at agreed levels, in consultation with the Registered Manager, Company H.R. Advisors.  






● To be aware of and promote and practise the requirements of relevant legislation.


● To attend regular supervision and appraisal and be receptive of support and guidance, as available from North London Homecare & Support Ltd., and its official representatives.


● In the absence of the Registered Manager and Deputy Manager, assume responsibility for the provision of services and line management of staff under the direction of the Managing Director.


● To complete written records competently, as required.


● Under the supervision of the Registered Manager and the Deputy Manager, be responsible for auditing the return and quality of company records and assume responsibility for the storage and archiving of these documents.


● To participate in a working rota authorised by the Registered Care Manager, including weekend and unsociable hours and to provide on call services on a rota basis, on a maximum frequency of one week in every four. (Please reference On Call Job Description)


● To attend and participate in team management and professional meetings, ensuring that the outcomes agreed are implemented and monitored.


● To respect and practise professional confidentiality.


● To represent the company in a professional manner.






● To monitor and review the effectiveness of new and existing policy and address issues identified from the complaints and compliments policy.


● To promote the development of Self Directed Support.


● To implement and inform staff team of changes to policies.  Monitor effectiveness of revised policies, providing relevant feedback to senior Managers, where appropriate.







● To keep up to date with provision of care and support and legal requirements by personal study, discussion and attendance at courses etc.

N.B.  This Job Description is subject to review and amendment from time to time, as the service indicates as being necessary.​

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