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    ADMINISTRATION OFFICER                            Enfield

                                                                            JOB DESCRIPTION


                                                            ADMINISTRATION OFFICER  Enfield


                                         RESPONSIBLE TO:  Care Manager/Managing Director

                                                       HOURS:  20 HRS PER WEEK,  Negotiable


                                             ANNUAL LEAVE:   4 WEEKS AND BANK  HOLIDAYS






To support the Care Management Team and Senior Managers in the running of the office and in administration duties.


To support the Finance Officer in the calculation of payroll, invoices and other financial transactions.


Reporting to:


The Registered Care Manager and Managing Director




  • To assist the Managing Director, the Finance Officer and the Care Management Team in completing necessary administration and secretarial duties, attending formal meetings, when requested by the Managing Director or Registered Care Manager, to provide records/minutes of the meeting.

  • In the Registered Care Manager’s absence, to deal with in-coming issues or seek appropriate advice or refer to other relevant company employees.

  • To co-ordinate in-house training, maintain accurate training records and monitor training budget expenditure.

  • To maintain staff attendance records.

  • To participate in reception duties as required.  Answering the telephone and taking messages.  Responding appropriately to messages i.e. emergencies/immediate/non-urgent action required.

  • To complete and maintain required records as instructed by the Managing Director and the Registered Care Manager.

  • To ensure administration stocks are maintained and operate an efficient stock control system.


  • To monitor replies of correspondence.  Keep records of appointments.

  • Under direction of the Finance Officer and in their absence, calculate accurate payroll of the workforce, recognising HMRC requirements and keep necessary documentation.

  • To operate professional software systems keeping required information updated.

  • To monitor staffs time owing entitlements.


  • To assist in operating invoicing systems operated by the commissioning authority.


  • To prepare specific reports as requested by Purchasers and Government. 

  • To receive regular formal supervision.

  • To maintain professional confidentiality.

  • To keep updated the company’s NMDS

  • To uphold the dignity of each individual receiving the service and employed by the company.


N.B. This Job Description is subject to review from time to time as the service indicates as being necessary.

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