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Traditionally Elbow Grease members meet every Thursday evening, to discuss the week gone by, what needs doing in the future and making decisions about our company. Sometimes we share our news whether it is in relation to the jobs we have completed that week or with regards to something we have enjoyed in our personal lives. Members of the group have always enjoyed the “sharing circle” and come well prepared with the news that they wish to share with their fellow members.

At our AGM in 2015, all aspects of Elbow Grease and the running of the Cooperative were discussed in order for all members to give their input into planning for how they wish the following year to pan out and who they wish to nominate for particular roles within the Cooperative.

The subject of the Christmas Party was discussed and all members were invited to put forward their ideas of how they wish to celebrate this coming Christmas. Various venues and entertainment ideas were mentioned and discussed as a group, some typical, to past celebrations.

One lady in particular named Sylvia, happened to mention that she had never been to a Prom before. The person chairing the AGM asked Sylvia more about her comment. Sylvia told us all that it had always been a dream of hers to go to a Prom. She described her regret that she had never attended a Prom, even when she was young and had left school. Sylvia told how she would love nothing more than to get all dressed up in a beautiful ball gown, have her hair and makeup done and to be a “Princess” for an evening.

Listening to Sylvia talk about this dream of hers was literally heart touching, her eyes lit up with the thought of it all. As she was excitingly talking, she was picturing it all in her mind. Then there was an element of sadness, at the thought that this lady had clearly longed for this experience, all her adult life.

Witnessing this gave determination to the rest of the team to make sure that Sylvia’s dream would come true and a Summer Prom was agreed by the group, instead of their usual Christmas party!

Prom day…………………………………………

Well, 26th September soon came around quickly and this was the big day! Makeup artists and professional hairdressers arrived at Sylvia’s home where many of the other members had gathered so they could all be deservedly pampered. The ladies were overwhelmed with being told to sit back, relax and be beautified. The dresses were to die for. The months of planning and many shopping trips to find each lady the perfect dress for them had paid off!

Once they were all dolled up and ready to go, all the other members arrived. The men equally as breath-taking, dressed in smart suits, spruced up to the nines! Everyone eagerly awaited the transport……………………….

Stretch Limo’s galore!!!!! Plenty of room for everyone, the street that Sylvia and her friends live on was now full of black shiny stretch Limos all with large bright red helium filled balloons and ribbons flying from the roof of each limo, catching the attention of all passers-by and neighbours, much to the delight of all passengers who were made to feel like a film stars!

An entourage fit for royalty began to make their way to the venue, impressively escorted either end by men who had kindly volunteered to ride their Harley Davidson motorbikes in convoy with all the limo’s in order for them all to stay together, even closing roads temporarily at times, onlookers staring trying to make out which celebrities were in the vehicles through the tinted windows.

All arrived at the John Barleycorn (venue) where they were handed champagne flutes on their arrival and the ladies were given beautiful pink rose corsages, dressed with diamante’s to wear on their wrists. The photographer was there ready taking photos as they all exited the cars, looking totally amazing in their attire.

The meal inside was fantastic and the photographer continued to snap away, capturing special moments throughout the evening.

I personally had the honour of sitting with Sylvia on her table with other friends. All throughout the meal Sylvia kept telling me that she felt that a princess and couldn’t believe what was happening.  She was most definitely overwhelmed by all the attention and giggled like a teenage girl every time she was snapped by the photographer, laughing and joking about him being like the paparazzi.

The entertainment for the evening was none other than ‘Britain’s got talent’ contestant “Rory Jackson”, whose enthusiasm and energy was nothing less than he would have contributed had he been entertaining The Queen at the Royal Variety show. To say that the members were start struck by him would be an understatement!

So all in all, a fabulous night and seeing someone’s dream that started off as a comment made during the AGM transform into a magnificent event was truly heart-warming and absolutely one of those moments, when we as Support Staff step back and think to ourselves “Wow, my job is great!”



We would like to thank all those who helped this evening be so special being:

Masterson Funeral Home – Old Harlow

The John Barleycorn - Harlow

Georgia’s Beauty Room

The Creative Beauty Room

Lisa from Swan Housing

Complete Event Hire

Rory Jackson

Emma Nash

Elle Sands

Michelle Tohill

Outlaws MC Essex