A major positive about the company I work for, (North London Homecare and Support Ltd.) is that we also are able to provide the flexibility, forward planning and support time to do the fun things life can offer as well as the everyday living.

An example of this was in early December. 


I was lucky enough to support a 94 years young lady to go to the Ideal Christmas Home Exhibition.


Neil Diamond on the stereo, travel sweets, hot water bottle and blanket at the ready we set off for the North Circular on our mission, the journey was also a great chance to have a good natter.

I was truly blown away with stories Doris shared of her life, RAF, family, blitz's, love, values, and so much humour. We had fun getting to know each other better.

Doris has always been an Ideal Home regular, so on the way, I also got a newbie introduction. 

The North Circular was kind to us, and got there in good time.

The Christmas Ideal Home Exhibition was magical !

We loved nosing around the variety of stalls getting as many samples as we could find.                                          

Soaking up the wonders and atmosphere of Christmas smells, lights, carols, gadgets, people watching, food and grandeur. We found getting around with the aid of a wheelchair easy, access was well thought out and there was nothing or nowhere we were unable to go or see. Staff and members of the public we met that day couldn’t have been more accommodating either.

We enjoyed a delicious light lunch and tea. After Doris had seen all she needed, we left the crowds and headed back. We did a detour via Alexandra Palace, as it was a perfect night to get a great view of London. It was stunning :) 

The gratitude for the day, from this lady was overwhelming. 

No thanks were needed; It was a great experience for me and I felt lucky and privileged to have had the best day ever, with such a Legend. Like many of the Service Users we support day to day, Doris has a beautiful lust of life, to be admired.

Many thanks Doris xx


We are committed to promoting the independence of each Service User, facilitating their Individual choice to enable them to live their preferred lifestyle, whilst offering support to their families.

Choosing a care service provider can seem like a scary and impossible task and we understand that it can be a challenging time. With over 50 years experience, North London Homecare and Support Ltd., can provide you with expert advice and help every step of the way, why not call us on 01279 452105 or 0208 443 3380 or get in touch via our contact form here.

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